To qualify for the Business Enterprise Program, you must be at least 18 years old and a Vocational Rehabilitation consumer at the Commission for the Blind. You also must have basic math, verbal, reading and written communication skills as well as orientation, mobility and home management skills. All vendor applicants must undergo a background check by the State Law Enforcement Division.

Referral & Application

Candidates for the Business Enterprise Program must be referred by a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in their home county. If you do not have a counselor, contact us at 888-335-5951 and we can set you up with one in your area.

Your application will include a current eye report, current medical report, results from an oral math assessment and your SLED background check. Your application packet will be reviewed by BEP staff. If you pass these requirements, you will receive an interview.

The interview consists of a question and answer section and an oral math assessment that must be completed without assistive devices (such as calculators, pen and paper, Brailler or cell phone). Your interview results will determine whether you move forward or require other assistance.


If you move forward, the assessment phase is a three- to 10-day process that involves different tests to determine which training program you should join.